Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fulbright Scholar Ray Deng on China's Hukou System

There are currently several Fulbright Scholars working on migrant labor issues. In addition to my research, there is work being done on the education of migrant children, legal aid and healthcare for migrant families, and the role that migrant workers play in transforming China's modern urban landscapes. Over the course of the next several months, I hope to feature a post by each of these scholars on this blog. Many of them have been focused on migrant issues for years and have been in the field carrying out their research for several months. Their insights will doubtless prove invaluable in increasing our understanding of China's floating population.

Ray Deng's current research is not focused on China's migrant laborers. Rather, he is looking at government plans to reform a currently decrepit rural healthcare system. Nevertheless, a recent visit to a school in Beijing set up for the children of migrant workers inspired him to write a thoughtful and informative post on the challenges China's hukou system pose to the nongmingong. That post can be accessed here: "Thoughts on China's Hukou System."

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gosome said...

Hukou is another social problem in China. It not only influences the migrant worker but also graduate student like us. Even you have a university diploma, you can not have a Hukou in Beijing or Shanghai easily. I hope that one day Hukou will disappear in CHina.